Never Go Back To This…

Welcome back, I’m glad you are here today. If your new here please follow and subscribe to the program I know you will be glad you did.

I’m sure most of us wish we could go back and live are lives over again, make better choices or change certain situations. I know I would.

But unfortunately we don’t have that talent or skill. So what can we do? Start were you are at right now, decide you can fix it from were you are today. Don’t go back, do the mending here in the now!

This is the only way we fix and secure or future self! Don’t hold on to the past let it go God most certainly has. See God is a forgiver of us, so we have to be a forgiver of ourselves!

Jesus died because he knew we were sinners and have our failures in this life, no one is perfect.

I sure have made a ton of mistakes and heck I still make them today. The key is to learn from them, change them right were you are and do our best to move on.

Don’t live in the past or try to go back and fix them it will never work, do the healing here and now in the present, and look to the future of better. Better for you and the ones you love!

I know this hits home with so many of us out their, because it hits home with me. I hope it helps you in some small way today. If it has please leave some comments below toward the bottom of the page, also don’t be stingy with that like button it helps make this message more visible to others.

Thanks so much for coming today, know God loves you right were you are, make Jesus number one in your life, and until next time may God bless you.

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