God’s word defeats evil…

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Today I want to talk about God’s word. It is our shield and weapon against the evil one ( the devil). See the devil will lie to us and tell us we will never change.

That we can’t overcome or be who we want in this life. But it is just that a lie. We can be who we want and live better days. But we have to read and study the word of our Lord.

When we feel our minds and thoughts with better and what God says on our lives we have no room for all the lies.

We are called for more, to live great and have great. I know you have strength and a calling or else Jesus wouldn’t have lead you here today to receive this message.

He wants the best for you and your life. Don’t listen to the lies anymore. Take a stand believe what God says and fight back. You don’t have to suffer anymore for you lack nothing when you are in God’s favor and I believe each and everyone of us are!

I believe if you have faith, read your Bible, and pray the Lord is going to show you his mercy new. Beat the the lies and choose Jesus first on your lives!

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Also leave some comments below on how God’s words have helped you in a difficult time, I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for coming today and until next time may God bless you!

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