What this world needs…

This world we are living in as become very scary and crazy now of days. Violence, pandemic, and death is our new normal.

In my opinion what we need more now than ever is a SAVOIR!

Jesus is him! Jesus already healed and saved the dinner and the sick. If you haven’t experienced the love of God maybe it’s time to come to him.

Pray for the change you need and the change in this life! We need him now more than ever to save us from this broken world. Calm, peace, love, saving lives is the business he is in.

We can’t do it on our own accord, we need the creater of heaven and Earth to come and resume us and this world we are in. Pray for the change and have the faith he will do it!

If you don’t know the Lord or you do and have fallen away now is the time to come to or back to and make real change!

If you agree please hit the like button on this message today! Leave some comments if you need the Lord in your life.

God bless you!!

Published by Faith Born

Welcome to Faith Born, our mission and main goal is to inspire, motivate, and encourage Christian believers in their faith in God and walk with Jesus. It is in our belief that Christian strength is rooted deep by hearing the word of God. Be sure to follow here today to strengthen your foundation of our Christian beliefs and receive all our latest messages.

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