One voice for peace in Portland who is it…

We need to come together as a nation to pray for all lives in Portland. Pray for peace, love and unity among all people.

Violence is not the way, peaceful protest is great, violent riots is not!!! We need God and Jesus in on this topic and violence.

So if you believe and have faith in our God let’s pray together as a nation for a peaceful result. Black lives do matter but I believe there can be a better way.

We need a voice of peace, one that is United with all colors, genders, or political aspects. One that loves regardless, and can make a real change. That voice is found in Jesus!

If you would pray with me today for hope and peace and a better future for this country one full of God’s presents:

Lord God, we come to you today asking for peace and results for all lives here on this movement, we pray father you come into the hearts of not only the people effected but into the hearts and minds of this nation, we pray father that there will be a great change in the nation, one full of your love and your hope, it’s in your mighty name we pray Jesus amen.

Be strong keep praying for peace and for a God filled nation. We need unity and one beleif here in our nation. Not one based on color but one based on the fact we are all God’s children and should all have the same rights in that.

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