Repent or not to repent, it shouldn’t be a question….

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Today I want to talk about the way being prepared. I will be in Matthew 3. Matthew 3 speaks of John the baptist, John preached to the sinners to turn from their old ways for the Kingdom of heaven is near.

I believe it is the same message that should be laid out before us today. For we do not know when Jesus will come back for his followers or the day of our own death when we will have to give an account of our actions on Earth.

When the people came to John they would repent theirs sins and be baptized in the river. But those also came who only wanted to be cleaned to show on the outside they were clean.

I believe many of us do that even today. We show the world we are good people with our deeds and actions but inside we don’t know or have a true beleif in our Lord. Don’t get me wrong good deeds are great and show love, but see the key is to trust in Jesus inside of us, be cleansed from the inside out. Allowing God to go to work on our inner thoughts and heart first.

It’s like filling our cars with garbage, but we go to clean it and we only wash the outside, at the end we are still riding around full of garbage.

True faith comes from within, knowing and having a relationship with the Lord, even when people cannot see it!

So what I’m asking of you today is repent inwardly and allow Jesus into your hearts fully and trust in him to cleans us, not our own actions to do so. I know I am talking to God’s people and we all want the same thing to be saved and known by our Lord.

So will you do this today will you say God I expect you into my heart and trust you to cleanse me?

I hope today’s message has inspired you to except Jesus fully into your heart and lives. If you have been inspired please share this message today with someone you love.

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Thank you for being here and until next time may God bless you!

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