Love in its highest form

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Today I want to talk about love. While some may cringe at the thought of it, we all should have someone to love! There is hope and joy when we have love, I am also here today to tell you there is one who always has loved you and will always will love you!

GOD LOVES YOU!!!!! His love is never ending, he has created us and knew us before our parents here on this Earth. We are told of God’s love for us all through the Bible ( in his own words). What love has God given to us that we may live forever in his home in heaven!

For it is not with our own strength we can go to heaven and live forever. No for it is for God’s grace that he gave his only son on the cross for our sins that kept us from the grave! But see it is our choice to love, he gave us free will to choose love! A love for him in heaven and a love for all of those here on this Earth!

We are told that these are the two most important commandments ever given to us. Love God with all of you body, mind, soul and the second, love everyone! When we love we show who is in control, and we show that the father in heaven loves everyone, EVERYONE!!! RIGHT WERE YOU ARE FOR WHO YOU ARE!!!!!

We have to choose love, choose to love God and show love to all of those around us. What hope do we show when we love even if someone is offending us. When we love we cannot hurt or destroy the things we love. No we build up and charish the things we love.

Today you can choose to love!! Love God the way he loves us, and love all who may enter our lives today!! It is up to you, your choice. But if you want hope hope in your future I would choose love today!!

I would love to pray today for those who do not have hope in our father, I would love to pray that we can choose to love today and love tommorow and everyday from this moment on. If you want to choose this path a path full of hope please say this request with me today:

Dear heavenly father, we come to you today and ask that we maybe forgiven of our sins, We ask that you feel us with your love so that way we maybe able to show others love in your name, thank you Jesus for being our Lord and savior of this evil world we live in, it is through your name that we pray Jesus, Amen.

If you said that prayer today right were you are I know the Lord is going to work in your life! Be ready for love, love you have never felt before today! For God loves you, I love you!

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If you haven’t checked out the pod cast be sure to do that today, Jesus has the ultimate console and he wants you to be under it!!!

I’m glad you made it here today, thank you for checking out this message, I look forward to our meeting again next week and until then may God bless you this week!!

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