Jesus is the way…

Welcome back, if your new here please follow along or subscribe to the program. I am glad your here today I know God has big plans on your life!

Today I want to talk about Jesus and how he sets our paths straight, for in the Bible we are told that he is the way, the truth, the light. We all know that life has twist and turn and can unfortunately have some bumps in the road.

But when we have Jesus in the lead he is the one that overcomes the odds and shows us the way and gets us through life’s biggest challenges. When we give to God all of our fears and worries we can know that he is in control and will see us through these events.

I tell you I have seen these such events take part in my life, none so more evident than in my marriage. Me and my wife have been married now for 14 years and beleive me when I say we have been in some rocky spots along this journey!

Many of these moments I have thought well this is it my marriage is over, we can’t move on from this! But instead God had different plans, he cleaned the path we we’re heading down and totally found a way that our marriage has continued! For some reason I guess he needs us together for his good and has made it work.

This is the same with all events in our lives God makes a way and clears the path for what is going to be right for his good. He knows what our lives needs and he knows how to make it in his glory. If we try and make it for our glory all to often we can find the bumps and the hills become mountains that can really set us back.

So what I’m asking you to do today is let God be in control! Set Jesus to be number 1 in your life today, he knows the way that will make our path a lot more straight and keeps those hills, twist, and turns from becoming mountains!

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Well I hope you have a blessed day, know God loves you, I love you and have a blessed week!

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