Welcome back I know it had been awhile from the last time I have wrote here. Me and my family have moved and it was a huge undergoing, But I am back and glad to be here, I hope your exited as well. If your new here please follow along here and like and share this message please.

Today I want to talk about not giving up on you! If you give up on you, you give up on dreams, goals, success and chances are you give up on your future. You are called for greatness!

We all have that special talent or gift that God has given us that the world needs. It may take a while to figure out what that talent or skill is, so don’t give up, step out in faith and try new things, take leaps of faith in the ideas that sound of interest to you!

How will you know if you don’t step out and grow. What I am saying is don’t give in. The world will put so many burdens on you saying you can’t do it, you won’t ever do it. But these limited beleifs are from the evil one holding us back. Step out in faith and tell the world this is who I am and I can do what I set my mind too.

You have greatness locked inside maybe today is the day to step out and take on that new challenge or goal you have been putting off for years! We never now unless we grow!

If you liked the message today please share it with someone you love today! Also don’t forgot to check out Faith Born podcast on spotify, or Google https://anchor.fm/randy-sweeney now you will be blessed that you did. Thanks so much for coming and mat God bless you this week!

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