Christians Should Get Rid of Anger

Hey welcome back guys, I’m glad your here I know God has great blessings for your life! If your new here please hit that follow button now I know you will be glad you did!

Today I want to talk about anger, look anger pops up usually in our everyday lives. I know for me I still get angry sometimes and it gets hard to control.

But God has other plans for us, he doesn’t want us angered or upset. We are told to lead with love first. We can’t lead with love if we show anger!

Anger does not add to our lives it can only destroy us and who we are. I’m asking that we lead with love each and everyday. Show the love to others as we want showed back to ourselves.

God is in control he is our vindication he knows what is best in all of our lives. I ask you let him be in control today.

Hey if this small message has spoke to you and you need God in your life I ask you check out Faith Born on podcast today. You will learn more on God and his love for each of us right there I will even give you the link click it to listen or listen we’re ever you listen to your podcast today.

Thanks for coming and remember God loves you, I love you, and your life is called for so much more, Amen. God’s bless you, I will see you next time.

Published by Faith Born

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