A Way Out: Death Can’t Stop You

We will all face our own death, I know this sound morbid but we will all die one day. Laying six foot below the dirt. It’s hard to think about, hard to take in and look at. But we can have great hope even in our own death.

Can I tell you today you will never die! Some will say I’m crazy, some will turn away from this message. They will say you are not immortal. Which will strike a even bigger question. Because they are interested in these bold words. That question will be ” so you will never die, how in the world will you do that”. To that will be only one answer.

Jesus! When the Bible tells me that one man gave his life, God’s one sons life, not only did he take our sins, he gave us keys! Keys? Keys to the kingdom of heaven! Keys that allow your soul to live forever! A more perfect life not of this earth. But in heaven with our father.

A life without pain, without struggle, without fear, like here on this earth, but a life of joy, peace, rest in him forever. See were my body, my vessel will die. My soul, my soul will live forever!

He has given this hope not only to me. But for all! All who beleive in the son that died and was resurrected. Peace, love, joy are a few things we will be given when we go to this place.

See if your like me we experience pain, bad breaks, hurts in this life, and ultimately my death here on earth. But there is a way out through our Lord Jesus Christ. A way to escape this death.

Romans 6:23 tells us for the wage of sin is death ( non beleive ) but the free gift of God is eternal life through Jesus our Lord. We have it, all we have to do is receive it. We have to beleive I. Jesus and that sacrifice he took on that cross for you and for me.

But my God how bad it will be for the ones who will not except Jesus. But I say to you even the ones who haven’t excepted him yet that there is hope. It’s not to late, at any age, any point no matter were you are in life you can have this hope, it’s free to you right now!

Take up Jesus, beleive in him, invite him into your life today. He took the cross in death, so we so that one day we won’t have to die. That one day we to can see the kingdom of God.

You can make that choice right here right now, all you have to do is say this small prayer with me today. It’s not to late:

Dear heavenly father, I come to you today, repenting of my sins, asking for you to come into my life, give me this great hope in you, through you Lord Jesus, Amen.

If you said that prayer know God is coming in and going to work on your life. Be prepared to see new hope, levels you have never been before, and hope for your future in the heavens.

I want to thank you for being here today, I know God has big plans in store for your life. Keep God first, pray to him, read his words, for he loves you and has blessings waiting for you.

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Thanks again for all your support, and until next time know God loves you, and I love you, Amen.

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