In God’s Hands: Faith Like A Child

Welcome back everyone to Faith Born I’m Randy Sweeney, and I believe God has a messaging he needs you to hear today!

God wants to give you entrance to the kingdom of heaven, but how does he say to trust for it? Do we beleive in our own ability in our own strength to get us in? Or with our money and wealth?

Can we sneak in past some guard, or can we simply just pay somebody off? God is asking us to come to him with trust like a child. I believe you can do this and God is going to show us how.

The kingdom of heaven awaits you! Listen to this powerful message to find out learn more on how to believe for heaven in your life today!

God loves you so very much and I love you, Amen.

Published by Faith Born

Welcome to Faith Born, our mission and main goal is to inspire, motivate, and encourage Christian believers in their faith in God and walk with Jesus. It is in our belief that Christian strength is rooted deep by hearing the word of God. Be sure to follow here today to strengthen your foundation of our Christian beliefs and receive all our latest messages.

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