Repent or not to repent, it shouldn’t be a question….

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Today I want to talk about the way being prepared. I will be in Matthew 3. Matthew 3 speaks of John the baptist, John preached to the sinners to turn from their old ways for the Kingdom of heaven is near.

I believe it is the same message that should be laid out before us today. For we do not know when Jesus will come back for his followers or the day of our own death when we will have to give an account of our actions on Earth.

When the people came to John they would repent theirs sins and be baptized in the river. But those also came who only wanted to be cleaned to show on the outside they were clean.

I believe many of us do that even today. We show the world we are good people with our deeds and actions but inside we don’t know or have a true beleif in our Lord. Don’t get me wrong good deeds are great and show love, but see the key is to trust in Jesus inside of us, be cleansed from the inside out. Allowing God to go to work on our inner thoughts and heart first.

It’s like filling our cars with garbage, but we go to clean it and we only wash the outside, at the end we are still riding around full of garbage.

True faith comes from within, knowing and having a relationship with the Lord, even when people cannot see it!

So what I’m asking of you today is repent inwardly and allow Jesus into your hearts fully and trust in him to cleans us, not our own actions to do so. I know I am talking to God’s people and we all want the same thing to be saved and known by our Lord.

So will you do this today will you say God I expect you into my heart and trust you to cleanse me?

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Healing is on the way…

Worship the LORD your God, and his blessing will be on your food and water. I will take away sickness from among you…” Exodus 23:25

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Today I would like to talk about God’s blessings on our lives, when we worship God we can expect and know that we are blessed. He has blessings on our living needs. He blesses us with more than enough if we truly come to him.

Sickness has no room in our lives if we believe in the one who conquered the grave. See if God can raise his only begotten son from his own death, do you not think he can take an illness away from us.

The thing we have to do is, this is the most important step, follow him! Follow Jesus our Lord, Know he has change coming for he is a good God, he knows our pains and struggles here. Jesus heeled so many throught the Bible because they had faith, real faith that told them one touch would make them whole.For God said let everything be the same as on Earth as in heaven.

Heaven has no sickness, no illness, no pain, so we to can have that if we truly believe and pray for it! Can you have the faith today to say no more, I am heeled and made new in Jesus!

Change is coming and I believe it is closer than we all may think. It’s time to give our hearts to the Lord above. Take hope that you are made strong, take hope in your faith for healing and health. Health mind, body, and soul.

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Joy Comes In The Morning

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Joy in the Morning

If you were blessed to wake and have breath in your body again today, you are already experiencing God’s love. You could have not woke this morning. He has given you one more day to live, change, love!

Take advantage of it live in joy, live in passion. You have one more day to thank Jesus, thank Lord God that you have one more day. Even if you are not living exactly the way you want, guess what you have another day to work on it!

So today thank God that you have this day to live again. Thank God and Jesus you get one more day to change and praise them!

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God bless you!!!

Pray on it…

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Today I want to talk about power of prayer. We need prayer in this world now more than ever. Prayer is the direct line to our Lord and savior. Jesus wants us to pray through him to our father for everything.

Maybe you are in a struggle or have worries in your life and don’t know were to began. Began with Jesus, he has the power to overcome but we have to come to him in prayer.

Prayer has more power than you think, and if you can surround yourself with other believers in prayer they become even more powerful!

I want to give you a chance to do that today, what are you praying for and let me and the community here pray for what you need in your life.

Leave your prayer in the comments and let’s help each other become prayer warriors let’s pray for one another and come to Jesus for what we need!

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The secret to enjoying and achieving in life…

We all search for purpose in this life here on Earth, but what brings real joy to this life?

For me it is knowing that I choose to be, who I am and were I am. So what does that mean. For me it means I am right were I want to be, if I wanted change I could have it too.

We have at any given moment the ability to say ok I need a change and I want this in my life ( what ever that maybe for you. The key is working hard and pushing toward it, thinking to yourself, this is what I want and this is how I will do it and I won’t stop until I am there!

Set the goal, work hard for it, and achieve goal. Don’t let anyone or anybody tell you, you you can’t do it or you can’t have it!

Remember who your God is and that Jesus is on your side and go for it! You have all you need and it is inside of you waiting to come out! Do it, do it now don’t wait, you wait and it maybe to late!

So remember you are who you are and are were you are because you choose to be!

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What this world needs…

This world we are living in as become very scary and crazy now of days. Violence, pandemic, and death is our new normal.

In my opinion what we need more now than ever is a SAVOIR!

Jesus is him! Jesus already healed and saved the dinner and the sick. If you haven’t experienced the love of God maybe it’s time to come to him.

Pray for the change you need and the change in this life! We need him now more than ever to save us from this broken world. Calm, peace, love, saving lives is the business he is in.

We can’t do it on our own accord, we need the creater of heaven and Earth to come and resume us and this world we are in. Pray for the change and have the faith he will do it!

If you don’t know the Lord or you do and have fallen away now is the time to come to or back to and make real change!

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God bless you!!

Mid-week Inspiration

Joshua 1:9:

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”

Jesus is with us even in our pains and struggles, he will never fail us. Be strong, bold and courage’s in your battle for it has been won with God!

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Difficult seasons in life…

Today I am writing more of a question to all of you out there and would love for some feed back, just a quick answer will do.

Sometimes in a difficult season in my life my faith is weak. I know God loves me but it gets hard to see sometimes.

I know that in that time I have to pray, read my Bible and move closer to him in that time to move past those thoughts of lack.

I wonder if anyone else has these difficult times in their life as well. I would love to her from you in the comments I am sure it will help bless others as well.

I know my God is real and he loves us all, and I hate to have a feeling such as this. How do you move past a season like this in your life?

Leave some comments below and let me know thank you for your thoughts and may God bless you.

God’s word defeats evil…

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Today I want to talk about God’s word. It is our shield and weapon against the evil one ( the devil). See the devil will lie to us and tell us we will never change.

That we can’t overcome or be who we want in this life. But it is just that a lie. We can be who we want and live better days. But we have to read and study the word of our Lord.

When we feel our minds and thoughts with better and what God says on our lives we have no room for all the lies.

We are called for more, to live great and have great. I know you have strength and a calling or else Jesus wouldn’t have lead you here today to receive this message.

He wants the best for you and your life. Don’t listen to the lies anymore. Take a stand believe what God says and fight back. You don’t have to suffer anymore for you lack nothing when you are in God’s favor and I believe each and everyone of us are!

I believe if you have faith, read your Bible, and pray the Lord is going to show you his mercy new. Beat the the lies and choose Jesus first on your lives!

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