Never Go Back To This…

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I’m sure most of us wish we could go back and live are lives over again, make better choices or change certain situations. I know I would.

But unfortunately we don’t have that talent or skill. So what can we do? Start were you are at right now, decide you can fix it from were you are today. Don’t go back, do the mending here in the now!

This is the only way we fix and secure or future self! Don’t hold on to the past let it go God most certainly has. See God is a forgiver of us, so we have to be a forgiver of ourselves!

Jesus died because he knew we were sinners and have our failures in this life, no one is perfect.

I sure have made a ton of mistakes and heck I still make them today. The key is to learn from them, change them right were you are and do our best to move on.

Don’t live in the past or try to go back and fix them it will never work, do the healing here and now in the present, and look to the future of better. Better for you and the ones you love!

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Thanks so much for coming today, know God loves you right were you are, make Jesus number one in your life, and until next time may God bless you.

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The World as we know it is Changing…

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We all want a change in the world, it’s never been more present then in this new age we are living in today.

But how do we change the world?

No matter our skin color, beleifs, religious standings, the world only changes when we can care and show kindness to the ones around us.

But how do we do it? It starts with love! The Bible in God’s own words says to love thy neighbor! Show love, and kindness to all that we may encounter!

Everyday show the world the love of God. The values that God instilled in us at birth and in his teachings in the Bible should be shown in our christian lives everyday.

If Christian’s day by day can show love to anyone who comes into our lives we can show the world peace, love, kindness one person at a time!

When we show love it not only effects the ones around us but it effects us! When we are full of love we cannot hate, we are more full of joys and compassions.

Make the stand and choice today to be the change, show love in all that you may do in a world that is divided today!

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It not to late…

God gives us our own set of goals and talents to get there. It’s never to late to start a goal in life maybe it time to take a chance on you!

Just like starting this goal of writing for me, I thought no one will read this or take an I interest, but that is the evil one trying to stop you. Push past him, with God on your side you can achieve anything.

If you never take a chance in life you never grow and never fulfill your destiny in this life! Listen to what God says, you are made in his image, so if we’re made in his image is part of him not in us, all.od his might, strength, courage is their waiting for us to release it.

It’s not to late to say God I trust in you, and go into the unknown were Jesus is and take down that goal you have always wanted and desired in this life!

If your waiting on perfect timing there is no such thing and you will always find an excuse to never to it, take the chance on you, you are so worth it, I believe that whole hearted.

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God’s little moments for us all

This is one of my favorite quotes and it come from Dr. Seuss a children’s storybook writer. I never really knew how it was so true until the passing of my grandpa.

In the moment I almost took for granted the relationship with him and didn’t think of his death. But when he passed it really opened my eyes to it, tht I should have been more grateful of the time I had with him in the moment.

Now as he only a memory I know choose to apply what I have learned to other family. My wife, my kids I spend more meaningful moments with them.

Sometimes God will allow us to see the moment others he will not. When we don’t see the moment or live in it we can learn from it in the future to apply what we learned in other ways, and learn how to really live in that moment or not let it slip by.

Life is all about taking chances and not letting moments pass us by, but if we do learn from them and apply them in the future!

Who you are makes a difference in the world

This world needs who you are God has given you your own set of talents. You do make a difference in this world.

Any job or life event that takes place we should always try and do our best in. We should show love and passion because it make a difference on someone else’s life.

I have detailed cars for 9 years now, and it hasn’t always seemed like it is for a purpose but I know that I am giving someone there dream car and if I can make it look the best possible it really makes me feel like it is important because I am adding to their life and dreams.

I think that’s what we are all here for to help others. You may think that what you do or who you are is not impacting someone else, bit that is far from the truth. You are unique and your talents, skills, passions make a difference in this life.

God has you right were he needs you because someone needs what you do in their life. We all have a purpose to fulfill in what we do in this world!

Walmart and God (what?)

Well I know we focus on God here and we still do but I believe that one of the biggest key things to a happy life is being able to laugh and have some fun.

Which leads me to the story I’m about to tell you! My trip to Walmart!

Maybe you will feel the same as me maybe not Idk it’s just my experience. Well it began on a trip to the retail franchise monster for fishing tackle for me and my wife on the fourth of July.

We went in for some simple gear and some headlamps to see at night. Well wouldn’t ya know it they were locked up in the case in sporting goods, no big deal one would think, but noooooo, one would think you need a PhD to understand why no one could get into that case!

We found 3 different employees and asked kindly can we get something out of that locked vault, we got everything from we will page someone( no they won’t) to we don’t have the keys or we are off the clock! If your off the clock vest should be off and not walking through the store smelling candles one would think?

I began to think no one was working there at that point, it would have been easier to break the glass and get it ourselves. I suddenly felt by blood boil and that christian man I try to be suddenly felt like walked away for a minute and said I had it to buddy! I came a little unhinged on two of the two employees that were smelling the candles that told me we will page someone. I am sorry to those two by the way if you stumble upon this.

We finally gave up and just went to check out! Well that opened up a whole other can of worms ( which is what we were buying by the way to go fish). We had to stand in line for 20 minutes to buy 3 things. We finally make it to the front were the cashier was talking to someone we thought was myself and wife, but nope she’s on the phone with ear buds in.

How stupid did I feel trying to hold a conversation with someone that was helping us? I was talking to myself! I do that but usually I try not to in public!

Let’s just say next time Amazon here I come, now that’s a company that has their stuff together! I mean I bought all new kitchen appliances for 20 bucks the other day in my underwear, can you do that at Walmart (YES!!!) Cause while we were their there was a lady shopping in her bra!!! Old Sam Walton or whoever created that place would be rolling in his grave!!

I don’t know I maybe wrong, it’s just my opinion that that old Walmart is falling apart, leave some comments and let me know what you think.

Walmarts Saving Idea

Well I was reading the news and then heard it on the radio, Walmart plans on opening drive in movies in their parking lot!!! What??? Maybe I’m wrong someone please let me know!

But what a last ditch effort drive in movies, where did that come from. If it is true can we fix one problem at a time. Let’s fix the store first, then let’s have some big ideas like this one. But I’m sure whoever thought of this got some big raise and everyone in corporate loved it ( what???) but I will probably still go cause come on drive in movies haven’t done that sense I was a kid.

I am sorry Walmart

Walmart I still love you and God bless you all and everyone who works there. I hope you have many more years in business. But I do feel you need a huge upgrade to do so. But God says to love even your enemy’s and Walmart I feel like your mine at this point in time.

Maybe it won’t always be this way maybe we can fix this relationship between you and I. I would love nothing more than to have a healthy relationship once more.

But until then Kmart here I come, wait they went out of business too!


I’m sure if you are like me the devil has tried to give you excuse after excuses to not to do this.

What am I talking about you may wonder, it’s my prayer! He will give excuses after excuses on how you don’t have time or you will get to it later.

But we can fight and overcome him. We can say no today I pray! Right were you are you can pray in your head, out loud it doesn’t matter he hears.

Prayer in everything, for what we need and what we ask it will be answered if given we talk to God. Don’t let the lies of the devil cloud what we need to keep the line of connection to God stand in the way!

You have power in your prayer, and I will not let the evil one tell me anymore there is not!

Let’s take time to pray today:


If you said that prayer I know God is going to work in your life. Take time to pray, read your bibles and keep Jesus first place today.

Why Should Today Be Any Different?

Yesterday sucked! Why should I even think things could be different. It’s the story of my life, everyday seems the same as the last!

I wake up, go through the day the same as before, then go to bed. My joy, my happiness, my faith is low. I’m stuck in the same old loop!

When will things be different, I’m ready for a change! I need some kind of new hope!

Today Is That Day

Friends today is new! Today is the day for change, for hope, for joy! Why???? Because today is a new day from God! Today is not yesterday, today is not last week, TODAY IS A NEW DAY!!

You can keep living in the past, in the hurt in the struggle or you can make a stand today! Say no more, for today is set new, new to change, new to more, new to better! God has given you new breath today, from the time you opened your eyes this morning.

New to say, I’m not going to live like yesterday. Yesterday is gone, start living for today! One full of Jesus, one full of passion! No one will do it for you, SO GET UP AND TAKE IT, it’s up to you to say no more!


God doesn’t want us to live in less than, or over ran by life’s problems. He has called you to be more, to do more. Why are you still stuck in the yesterday’s?

Let each breath be new, let each day be it’s own. Your own, own it! Make a stand to say Jesus you are my Lord, you are my SAVOIR. Today is the day I have faith that you have new for me!


I don’t want to end this passage without making Jesus the Lord in your life if you would pray with me today:


If you said that prayer I know God is going to work in your life! Keep Jesus first place, pray, read your Bible. Live today renewed, renewed in Faith that God is working to restore and repair what has been broken in your life!


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And as always I hope you enjoyed the message and until next time may God bless you!


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