Set Your Day Up Right

Welcome back to the blog, thanks for coming. Today I want to talk about setting your day up right. What I mean by that is having a good morning ritual. This ritual is going to help set your day up for you to be more focused and in a more primed state of mind. AllContinue reading “Set Your Day Up Right”

#1 Thing Your Wife Needs

Thanks for coming today, I know this is the number one article to change your life, and focus in on your marriage. Today I want to talk to the men out there, this is for you all and it’s one of the best peices of advise I could give you, man to man. So I’mContinue reading “#1 Thing Your Wife Needs”

3 Best Ways Stay Motivated

Do you ever start something and feel so motivated at first only to loose momentum in the future and give up? Chances are if your like me you have. Keeping momentum and that fire lit under your behind is tough, expecially if you hit snags along the way. So I have compiled 3 great waysContinue reading “3 Best Ways Stay Motivated”

You have Greatness in you

Welcome Im glad your here to today, and if you have found yourself here today I beleive it is not by accident you probably want to become more or be your best self or have that dream life. So Im going to cut to the chase and give you what you really want from thisContinue reading “You have Greatness in you”

Call out to God

Psalm 40:13/ Please Lord, Rescue me. Come quickly Lord and help me. For me a new found faith isn’t a one and for all experience. I have experienced set backs stumbles and falls in my faith in God. I beleive for most of us we experience deliverance and than later down the road we findContinue reading “Call out to God”

Fear Habit

If you are human I’m sure you have faced some sort of fear in your life. Fear can pop up at the most inopportune time. It can hold us back and make us think we are not good enough or cut out for what we are doing. Fear is on of the most the mostContinue reading “Fear Habit”

You Are Called to Be More

This life has its struggles and fears, it is all to easy to let all of these take control of your life if you are not careful you will start to call yourself these things. The enemy the devil will set you up for these things and make you feel this is who you areContinue reading “You Are Called to Be More”

Why Bother Setting Goals?

At some point in your life or even now I’m sure you have had a goal that you want to accomplish. I want to give you a chance to learn Five easy steps to accomplish any goal you have, but you have to read to the end to find out how. Goals to me areContinue reading “Why Bother Setting Goals?”