Make your past your opportunity

” We too, can turn our obstacles into opportunities to share our faith.” Acts 28:1-10 Thanks for joining me here today. I want to talk about making your past your opportunity. What exactly does that mean? Everyone has a past story of obstacles we have been through in life. Or maybe you are going throughContinue reading “Make your past your opportunity”

Set Your Day Up Right

Welcome back to the blog, thanks for coming. Today I want to talk about setting your day up right. What I mean by that is having a good morning ritual. This ritual is going to help set your day up for you to be more focused and in a more primed state of mind. AllContinue reading “Set Your Day Up Right”

3 Key Steps to Happiness

In life it can be extremely hard to be happy, but this does not mean that we can’t. Happiness comes from a state of mind, hope and faith. Today I want to talk about three key things that can help you get to this state. Doesn’t this sound like a state you would want toContinue reading “3 Key Steps to Happiness”