You Are Not Worthless, Stop It…

Have you ever felt worthless, depressed, or that you are not enough in this world? Well I can say I have and sometimes still do. It can be a tough feeling to overcome and you can start to feel stuck or alone. But the truth is we are not, if we know who and whatContinue reading “You Are Not Worthless, Stop It…”

Let Go and Let God, Jesus First(Best motivating video our faith in God video)

Have you ever fallen away from God and can’t seem to find your way back? Let me show you the way!

3 Best Ways Stay Motivated

Do you ever start something and feel so motivated at first only to loose momentum in the future and give up? Chances are if your like me you have. Keeping momentum and that fire lit under your behind is tough, expecially if you hit snags along the way. So I have compiled 3 great waysContinue reading “3 Best Ways Stay Motivated”