We all go through tough times in life, here are 10 Bible verses to help encourage you today.

Share faith…

Welcome back, I’m glad you are here. If you could take time and share the image above on your social media, be the change in someone else’s life. I want to talk about sharing our faith. When we share our faith we are changing the world for the better. We save lives and glory GodContinue reading “Share faith…”

God has called us new

We all have our bad moments, our ups and downs. Today I want to show you that you don’t have to be perfect. I wanted to take you on a journey of my life, to show you the twist and turns that God has taken me out of. Maybe some of you have these sameContinue reading “God has called us new”

Struggles have a end

Welcome back I am glad you are here, that being said I feel you are not here by mistake. God lines up what we need in life each and everyday. I want to talk about struggles today. Life has a funny way of throwing us curve balls. We get stuck in the mind set thatContinue reading “Struggles have a end”

Make your past your opportunity

” We too, can turn our obstacles into opportunities to share our faith.” Acts 28:1-10 Thanks for joining me here today. I want to talk about making your past your opportunity. What exactly does that mean? Everyone has a past story of obstacles we have been through in life. Or maybe you are going throughContinue reading “Make your past your opportunity”